Hello earthlings and aliens!

I’m Althea, your art buddy and owner of Many Hands Creative.

I’m a gay, I’m trans, I’m Filipino, and I’m an artist. As my day job, I’m a developer for California College of the Arts, but my true passion lies in art, education, and science fiction.

I started Many Hands Creative as a way to share this passion with the world and to share my experience so that anyone curious about or currently creating art can gain the confidence and skills they need to let their talents shine.I firmly believe that anyone can be an artist with enough self-reflection and hard work, and I’m so grateful to be joining you on your creative journey.

About Many Hands Creative

Many Hands Creative is a lifestyle brand for artists. On both this blog and on my Youtube channel, I discuss a variety of topics including advice for artists who are just trying to figure things out, how to understand the kind of art you want to make, and tutorials on everything from finding your art style to how to choose the medium that’s right for you.

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Please direct all business inquiries, including sponsorships, to my email.