Hello earthlings and aliens!

This week I posted an in-depth tour of my one-week sketchbook. I did this challenge back in June, when I was really really stuck in a rut. I stared at my stack of unused notebooks and said to myself, “well this is embarrassing.” And thus a challenge was born.

When I’m feeling stuck, my comfort zone is my absolute WORST enemy. I’m the type of person that, when my art isn’t working out, I’m tempted to make absolutely nothing at all. Even busy work for my existing projects feels dull. Every time I’m stuck in the quagmire of art block, I push myself to make as much art as possible. I find that, more than anything, figuring out ways to just make things is not only a huge boost to my confidence, but also is exactly the space where old energy can move on and make way for new energy.

I was inspired by different Calarts sketchbook tours for this challenge, since they seem like such an interesting balance of imaginative work and practice for different important skills, all bundled up into a beautiful finished product. My goal was to take my cues from what I liked in those sketchbook tours, as well as those things I like the most or wish I did more. I ended up making an eclectic mix of inspired work and rigorous practice, and I’m so, so happy with the finished product.

Perhaps you’ll be able to read these reflection notes! The main takeaway is that it helped me focus on improving, but I don’t know if repeating it would give me the same value.

In case you’re interested in doing a challenge like this or just want some ideas for how to fill in your usual sketchbook, here are the main ideas that I used:

  1. Mixed media collage: I took magazine and catalog clippings and paired them with drawings and paintings that pulled their inspiration from the colors and imagery of the rest of the collage. 

2. Art Style Challenges: Since I’ve been trying to hone my art style, I spent many pages testing out new ideas and borrowing from other artists.

3. Hard Skills that I Need to Practice More: This includes still lives, drawing from images, figure drawings, and drawing of buildings.

4. Just doodling whatever I felt like: Rather than feeling obligated to make work for, say, Instagram or for an existing project, I just let the creative energy flow, with mixed results!

I hope that this sketchbook brings you some inspiration, motivation, or at the very least some interesting pictures to look at! If you’re interested in the high-res pdf of the entire sketchbook, check out my Patreon.

Thank you as always for reading! ily byeeeeeee

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