Hello earthlings and aliens!

Welcome to Many Hands Creative, a blog about art and artmaking brought to you by me, Althea. I’m so, SO excited to tell you all about this project. I’ve been brewing up for quite some time now, and I’m genuinely grateful that you’ve stumbled into this healing circle with me.

Many Hands Creative is a blog and accompanying Youtube channel for artists of any level. We’ll be covering topics such as how to find your art style, how to feel more confident in your art, what art supplies best suit you, and how to use the various art supplies I use. My goal is to help you along on your artistic journey with tips and tricks as well as practical advice and, of course, a healthy dose of encouragement. I believe that anyone can become a great artist with hard work, consistent practice, and a love for what you do. Whether you feel like you can’t draw a stick figure or you’ve been a professional artist longer than I’ve been alive, I hope that you find something useful here.

I’m both a digital and traditional artist who works in a variety of wet and dry mediums. My background is in watercolor and acrylic painting, and traditionally I use a combination of watercolor, gouache, markers, and ink to create illustrations. Digitally, I have extensive experience in Photoshop, and currently use a combination of the Adobe Suite, Clip Studio Paint, and Procreate on the iPad to both draw and make comics.

No matter what kind of art you do, whether it’s illustration, comics art, fine art, design, or maybe something new and exciting that you’re bringing to the world, I can help!

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Althea, and I use he/him pronouns. I am gay, I am trans, I’m Filipino, and I’m an artist.

I make mixed media illustrations, digital art, zines, and comics. My favorite subject matter is science fiction, but I love fantasy and urban subjects as well. I actually have a background in fine art, and bring these concepts into all of my art, whether it’s an ethereal gouache painting or a silly, simple comic. No matter what kind of creative endeavors you pursue, all of it feeds into each other to make your unique perspective on art!

I’ve been an artist and writer for a very, very long time. I was an early adopter of digital art and went through, let’s say, many of the phases of an artist in the 00’s. On top of that, I majored in Art Practice at Stanford University, and my day job is at California College of the Arts, where I take illustration classes.

An example page of "Sync", my comic for Stacked Deck Press's anthology, We're Still Here

I was published in We’re Still Here: A Trans Comic anthology with my comic “Sync”. The collection won an Ignatz in 2019, which is WILD. I was part of the Stanford Graphic Novel Project two years in a row on our titles A Place Among the Stars and American Heathen.

After college, I taught art at an elementary school. I had a huge career shift into tech (which you can read about on my Medium post here, if you’re interested) and ended up working at an art school, where I get to meet artists of all stripes, some of them in disciplines I’ve never even heard of! Apparently you can major in Glass, which is incredible. 

I love that no matter what you make, a love of art brings us all together

I’m currently working on a graphic novel, a written novel, and a web comic side project while keeping up a regular practice of the fundamentals and a painting or two to keep me sane in these trying times. I’m proud of this versatility, in part because it means that I can help people of all different artistic backgrounds and can bring a perspective on art in general while bringing specific skills to teach all of you

I’ve gone through the gauntlet of an artist — facing down the decision to major in Art against my parent’s better advice, being a starving artist, living in the fine arts world of grants, fellowship, and rampant discrimination, sharing my work online, having an existential crisis every few months about whether or not I’m good enough, biting off more than I can chew with big projects, coming close to giving up, and surviving all of it to become the resilient, confident artist I am today.

Thank you so much for visiting me. If any of this sounds exciting to you, subscribe to my Youtube channel and consider supporting me on Patreon. If you have any topics you’d like me to cover, reach out on social media (my DMs are open!) or shoot me an email!

I’m so excited to meet all of you and to join you on your artistic journey. ily byeeeeeee

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