Althea J Solis, otherwise known as Tay, is an Oakland-based artist, writer, and software developer who work spans disciplines but settles primarily in science fiction comics and graphic novels.  He received his BA in Art Practice at Stanford with a minor in creative writing and extensive coursework in literature, psychology, and philosophy and has been featured in We’re Still Here: An All-Trans Comics Anthology and Queer as Fuck! at Bindlestiff Studios in San Francisco. His work in speculative science fiction explores the possibilities of both the near and far future and how technology and culture can either hurt or heal injustice, trauma, and oppression. Inspired by the juncture of human experience and rapidly evolving technology, his work plays in the realm of the emotional, the messy, the nuanced, the forgotten — the spaces that polished chrome and glittering holograms leave behind.


Hack the Hood Bootcamp.
Stanford University - B.A. Art Practice, Creative Writing minor.


Raina Giese Award for Creative Painting. Stanford Art and Art History Department.
Interdisciplinary Honors in the Arts. Stanford Arts Institute.
Chappell-Lougee Scholarship. 


Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere.


"Sync" for We're Still Here Comics Anthology. Stacked Deck Press.

American Heathen. Stanford Graphic Novel Project.

 A Place Among the Stars. Stanford Graphic Novel Project. 



Voyager at Queer as Fuck!. Bindlestiff Studios. San Francisco, CA.


Thank You for Your Interest But... Art Practice Senior Show. Cummings Art Building. Stanford, CA.
Honors in the Arts Showcase. Stanford Arts Institute. Cantor Arts Center. Stanford, CA
Wanderlust. Solo Installation. Cummings Art Building. Stanford, CA
The Artist's Book. Stanford Art and Architecture Library. Stanford, CA.
LEAD Prevailing Voices in Perfect Harmony. Kimball Hall. Stanford, CA.


A Heap of Broken Images.  Student Organizing Committee for the Arts. Wallenburg Hall. Stanford, CA.
Art After Dark. Student Organizing Committee for the Arts. White Plaza. Stanford, CA.